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CANEO series: with IO-Link

Meet the new CANEO series. The new HMI Standard capacitive switch combines innovative design with the option to freely configure all function parameters via IO-Link. As a result, CANEO series switches can be flexibly integrated into connected environments, offering major benefits for all HMI applications in the industrial automation, mechanical engineering, robotics and building technology industries.

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CHT series: modern and versatile

CAPTRON´s CHT series offers a wide range of easy-to-operate capacitive switches that feature an extremely long service life. Their robust, 100% water-proof and oil-proof design withstands tough environments, as well as the most adverse of weather conditions, making them ideal for engineering, industrial, transportation and building technology applications.

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HWT series: Stop request button

CAPTRON, pioneered capacitive stop request buttons for public and private transportation. The maintenance and wear-free HWT series sensors ensure maximum reliability in continuous everyday use. Their innovative design is especially user-friendly, vandal-proof and also available with raised symbols for the visually impaired in accordance with TSI PRM.

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